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Sibling social at ‘Rugged Earth Adventures’

April 17, 2023

20 siblings attended the wonderful and wild ‘Rugged Earth Adventures’ sibling social day, and it was a great success. Rugged Earth Adventure centre, is in a beautiful meadow for kids to come together and enjoy Nerf battles, multi-activity camps, builds fire and enjoy all sorts of fun, heart racing experiences.

The day started off with a Nerf battle, where children were split into teams to battle it out for first place. However, it suddenly began to rain and hailed it down so everyone headed in until the weather had brightened up, and it quickly did. So, the children headed out to learn all about ‘traps and snares’. The team at Rugged Earth Adventures demonstrated how a trap would work by letting the children place an egg where they thought the trap would fall and of course, a few eggs lost their shells in this process.

After a morning of fun activities, the children had sausage sandwiches around the fire at base camp. As a post-lunch snack, children had the opportunity to toast a marshmallow over the fire which was then made into a s-more delicious snacks! Who doesn’t love a good campfire treat. One child shared “I almost burnt my marshmallow but it was so cool toasting them on a real camp fire, I want to do this again”.

The afternoon saw them partake in some axe throwing and catapulting, where staff also became targets! Some children were a little cautious and others were thrilled to be using all their might to wield an axe towards various targets and win a couple games. The day was rounded up with one last battle of laser tag before heading back to base camp for the children to receive a certificate, congratulating them on completing the day. There was no doubt the children had an awesome day. One child said “it was lots of fun and I liked playing nerf wars and running around with all the other siblings who were really nice”.

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