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Special opportunities for ‘Just Juniors’

February 14, 2023

‘Just Juniors’ buckled up and prepared for blast-off in their rocket on a multi-sensory exploration of the solar system with a fully immersive space experience.

These Just Junior events are exclusive to 7-11 year old children, so that they are of similar age and understanding. We welcomed the juniors to Shooting Star House, our Outreach, Therapy and Family Support Centre, to enjoy a fun filled day with different activities. The events serve as a great opportunity for children to learn, explore their senses and offers parents a break during the week.

Children were divided into smaller groups to explore space using lights, sounds and other exciting materials. By breaking into smaller groups, this allowed the juniors to socialise easily, engage and feel comfortable in every activity, and most importantly had some time to enjoy doing something different.

We welcomed eight supported children, and to ensure the safety and enjoyment of everyone attending, the children were joined by one of our Nurse’s, one Health Care Assistant and two Family Support Workers.

If you are a supported family and would like to get involved with the next Just Junior event, our astronauts (Nurses) could be called away last minute before the event, so we will ask that you have a parent or carer that always remains in the room during the event. We do also ask that if your child has complex care needs, that you remain close by and enjoy a cup of tea and relax in the Dining Room. We ask that any feeds, routine medicines and pad changes are completed before or after the event. Our nurse will be able to administer emergency medicines if required.

Sign up for an event that fits your needs. We offer various events each month that offer parents a break, and allow children to receive support from therapists and family support workers whilst enjoying fun activities with others their age.