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Superstar group succeed at climbing Mt Snowdon

March 23, 2023

You wouldn’t believe it but 40 courageous people marched up Mount Snowdon at 6:30am and were on top of the world, literally! This group began their adventure at 3:15am, a pitch black terribly cold morning, all so they to get to the top of the mountain to see the beautiful sunrise, and raise funds for Shooting Star Children’s Hospices.

The Sunrise Snowdon Trek is an extremely popular expedition when it comes to the Sunrise Series, and even this time it was definitely a huge success. Hannah Bateman, Events Coordinator, reflected on the hike and said ” To see so many families, friends, corporates, and staff, consisting of different backgrounds and ages come together and spur each other on as team was very special. The team effort began way before getting to Snowdon because of their fundraising efforts months in advance.” The group raised an incredible £15,000 before even starting the walk, and it continues to shoot up, with only a few days after the hike, they have raised £16,000. This alone created a huge buzz amongst the team and gave everyone the boost they needed to take on the mountain, especially when everyone could have been tucked up in bed!

There were four bereaved families and one supported family who participated in the challenge, so after the cold, windy and grey weather, which didn’t dampen the mood because of everyone’s high morale, they took a moment to think about Ted, Orla, Sophie, Charlotte and Rosie. Amazingly, every single person made it to the very top, including a little eight year old boy who was relentless and persevered with the rest of the group. The little boy added “I found climbing Snowdon hard for several reasons. Firstly the start of the path was very steep and difficult to climb.  Secondly, it was quite long. Some of the reasons I did this was raising money for a good cause in memory of my sister Orla [plus] I thought it would be fun to climb a mountain!”

The group took some great pictures in the -5 degree cold on top of the mountain, and began the journey back down. On the way down, clouds had moved and the sun was clear, which meant head torches were tucked away and the opportunity for pictures of the stunning landscape arose. Finally, they reached the base and has a well deserved breakfast waiting for them. It was definitely a busy morning for this super star group. one participant added “It was a great experience, so glad I took part and there was a good spirit amongst the team”.

Do you feel inspired? Take part in a Sunrise Series challenge, or any other challenge that suits you whilst raising funds for your local hospice, because we rely on dedicated people like you to ensure we can provide vital support to local families in Surrey and west London.