Three-year-old Mya has been staying at the hospice for a respite stay. During which she’s been getting creative and enjoying some super sensory fun with our care team.

Mya has Pallister-Killian syndrome, which is an epileptic condition and she is oxygen dependant and needs feeding via her Nasojejunal tube, meaning she needs round the clock care and attention.

During her stay, our care team noticed the tape that’s used to keep her oxygen tubes in place, had a special poppy design, specifically for Remembrance Day. So given the special time of year, and inspired by the pattern on the tape, our care team came up with a creative and sensory art session for Mya to enjoy.

Using lots of bright paints, the first activity was to paint the poppies a lovely red.

Then to make it more sensory for Mya, our nurses had gathered lots of different fabrics and materials for her to feel and use in her picture.

Last but not least, Mya added some sparkle with plenty of glitter and some extra paint for good measure – to create a beautiful and thoughtful picture for Remembrance Day.

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