The conventional ways of fundraising have had to change over the past year, but that hasn’t stopped our amazing supporters coming up with fun and unique ways to fundraise – with one super supporter, Sebi, wanting a ‘slice’ of the action!

11-year-old Sebi, with the help of his mum Sarah, dad Guy and sister Claudia came up with the tasty idea of making, selling and delivering home-made pizzas to his friends and family in return for donations to his local children’s hospice charity.


Sebi explained, “My Mum and Dad suggested that it would be good to focus my mind on others during this difficult time. I am conscious that I am lucky in my situation but also it’s been a good distraction to think of charitable causes rather than myself and Roblox! I was particularly sad to hear that so many charities are struggling, especially those that aren’t directly Covid-19 related, so I asked my Godmother, who works closely with charities, and she suggested supporting Shooting Star Children’s Hospices, a fantastically run charity which had struggled during lockdown and was also local to us in Twickenham.”

Mum Sarah said, “Sebi designed the logo and came up with the name and strapline ‘Doughnate now!’ It was a great experience for him! We’re keeping the page open and plan to do more pizza nights – it was lots of fun and the pizzas were really tasty so our local friends were happy! It’s not only a welcome distraction but raises money for such a great cause!”

The culinary delights have continued as mum and dad, Sarah and Guy, have recently hosted a virtual cheese and wine night for their friends. They generously funded the evening by providing their virtual guests with the cheese and wine in exchange for donations to us!

In total, with Sebi’s perfect pizzas and the cheese and wine night, the family have raised an amazing £1,510 with more nights planned for the summer! We better get our orders in now!

A huge thank you to Sebi and his family for such delicious fundraisers and to everyone who dough-nated! There are lots of ways you can support us – find out more fundraising ideas here.