We’re thrilled to announce that our Vice-President Simon Cowell, alongside his six-year-old son Eric, has signed a seven book deal, with a portion of the profits going to Shooting Star Children’s Hospices and Together for Short Lives.

The children’s picture books will feature the world WISHFITS where some of the most unusual animals exist. The WISHFITS are magical and unusual creatures which have evolved in a weird and wonderful way, combining two different species to form hybrid animals with very distinct characteristics. Some of them are part friendly, part fierce, others are both furry and scaly. They are all busy forming unusual friendships, learning life lessons, sharing adventures and having a fun and magical time together. And they’re all characters that children will wish they could meet in real life!

The characters dreamt up by Simon and Eric have some fantastic names that children will love including the DAT (dog/cat) the COG (cat/dog), the SNOG (snail/dog) – the enthusiasm of a dog at the speed of a snail, the PEEP (pig/sheep) the CHUG (cheetah/slug – the slowest cat in the world), the HIPPOROO (hippo-kangaroo), the CHIMPANPOO (chimpanzee/poodle), the POLARBAT (polarbear/bat), the CROCOPUSS (crocodile/cat), the SHIGER (sheep/tiger – the most nervous cat in the world), the SPIKEY (spider/donkey) and many, many more.

Simon Cowell, Vice-President of Shooting Star Children’s Hospices said at the Hachette Global Showcase yesterday, “To be able to write a series of books with my son Eric has been magical. The idea was inspired three years ago by a very special friend of ours, Karen Sugarman, who is Executive Vice-President of Shooting Star Children’s Hospices. I told her one evening about some of the funny animals my son Eric and I would invent, starting with the Cog and the Dat. And how every evening the two of us would think of the most unlikely animal we would like to have as a pet. We would come up with some strange new animals and the naming of the animals was Eric’s favourite thing! She loved this idea so much she encouraged me to turn this into a book series. I really do believe it’s important to encourage kids’ creativity and imagination. I also believe kids have better ideas than most adults. I hope these books will be fun for kids to read, and we will encourage them to come up with new animals for the books. The books will tell how these unique friendships are formed and will celebrate individuality and positivity. ”

Eric Cowell said, “My favourite WISHFITS right now are probably Snog and Dat and Cog and the Chimpanpoo! I really hope one day I can meet them all!”

Karen Sugarman, Executive Vice-President of Shooting Star Children’s Hospices said,I am so proud that my co-Vice-President Simon Cowell announced yesterday that I inspired him and his wonderful son Eric to write a series of children’s books – Wishfits – with a portion of profits in aid of Shooting Star Children’s Hospices. It was such an exciting day at the launch and we simply can’t wait to read them!”

The first three picture books are set to be released in 2021, with four more books following the next year, and we can’t wait to get lots of copies for the children to enjoy at our hospices.