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Shooting Star Children’s Hospices is committed to providing the highest quality of care to all our children, young people and families. We also strive for excellence in our fundraising work and work to high standards of professionalism across all our activities.

We recognise that at times things may have gone wrong. Users of our services may experience a standard of care lower than they expected, our fundraising may not have reached the expectations you have for us, or something else may have happened.

We want to assure you that we care about what you think and will take any concerns you have seriously.

Shooting Star Children’s Hospices has a responsibility to listen to concerns raised with us, investigate thoroughly, and provide a full and appropriate response. In doing so, we promote openness, transparency and candour at all levels, and a culture in which our staff are expected to report mistakes and ensure individual and organisational learning.

We’ll do our very best to investigate complaints and resolve them as quickly as possible.