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Thursday 31 August 2023

Bereaved Dads – Nurf lazar ops, bush craft challenge, wild gourmet challenge!

  • 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Rugged Earth Adventures

Spend the evening after work getting to grips with some new skills that you never knew you needed in your life. Be warned, the meal prep isnt for the faint hearted, but don’t panic there is a back up if its just not your thing! (vegi option available on request of course!) Check out the timetable of activities below and sign up quickly before the spaces go!


20 mins: Arrival and welcome. Drinks and Nibbles around the Campfire.

30 mins: Nerf Battlefield.

45 mins: Team Building / Bushcraft Challenge.

10 mins: Break.

25 mins: Nerf lazer Ops

40 mins: Catapults and Shield Wall.

50 mins: Wild Gourmet Challenge

20 mins: Final Drinks and Farewells.


Divided into 2 teams the group will complete all activities in a friendly competition.

Team Building / Bushcraft Challenge:

Under a time restraint each group will have to build an improvised stretcher and extract a casualty through a series of obstacles including a minefield. Once in safe territory they will have to make a survival fire and throwing arrow before crossing the finish line.

Catapult and Shield Wall Challenge:

Firing tennis balls from the giant beach catapults to firstly, score as many points as possible, and then to hit your colleagues protected by a shield wall. The shield wall team will complete tasks while keeping the shield wall together.

Nerf battlefield:

Issued with a camouflage jacket, safety glasses and choice of Nerf blaster. Teams will play a variety of Nerf tag games on a purpose build zone with barricades, sandbags and camo nets.

Nerf Laser Ops:

Equipped with a laser tag gun, guests will play a variety of laser games, both team and individual. All scores will be collected onto the app.

Wild Gourmet Challenge:

Using a selection of wild vegetation, fruits and unprepared meats each team will have to prepare and cook a campfire meal. Roasting marshmallows will be included.

Drinks and Rations:

Rugged Earth will provide tea, coffee, biscuits, popcorn and a variety of chilled soft drinks. The Gourmet Challenge will ensure all guests are provided with dinner. Sausage baps will also be served as back up for any team campfire failings!! PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU HAVE ANY DIETARY NEEDS ETC


* Dedicated outdoor and covered briefing tents

* Tailor-made covered seating and campfire area for cooking

* Dedicated, secure woodland bush craft teaching area

* Storage area for personal items

* Picnic area indoor and outdoor

* Toilets

* Onsite first aider

* Dedicated parking area for cars and coaches and overflow car park

Event details
  • Rugged Earth Adventures,
    Whitmoor Lane,
    GU4 7QB,
    United Kingdom