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Saturday 4 May

Isle of Wight Challenge

  • Chale, Isle of Wight

Great challenges need great settings – and none are better than the Island’s coastal path. 2,000 adventurers of all experience levels will walk, jog or run the Isle of Wight Challenge in 2024 – and go all out to push themselves further.

You can pick your distance, with 10 mile, quarter, half and the full 106km challenge to choose from! It’s along the spectacular southern cliffs, past the iconic Needles and up to historic Cowes at the half way stop. For Full Island challengers it’s on to the cliffs of Ventnor, and back to our welcome Base Camp in Chale after an epic 106km journey.

You’ll get full support & hospitality all the way, and with half & quarter Island options also – there’s an Isle of Wight Challenge for everyone!

Your entry includes free food and drink at regular rest stops, plus support including medics, marshals and massage. As you cross the finish line, you’ll get a glass of fizz, t-shirt, and a medal to commemorate your achievement.

As Shooting Star Children’s Hospices  are an official partner on this event, you get a  25% discount on the ‘Full Sponsorship’ registration fee when signing up to support us.

Choose your distance

  • Full continuous 106km Chale > Chale
  • Full 2 day daylight 106km (book camping or a B&B!)
  • 3/4 (72km) challenge Chale > Culver Down – can be done continuous or an overnight option after doing the intitial 52km
  • Half Challenges (52/54km)
  • Cross Island Challenge *NEW* 30km Cowes > Chale
  • Quarter Challenges (25km)
  • Medina 10 mile Cowes> Cowes

Choose the right Isle of Wight Challenge fundraising level for you

Charity Sponsorship – you pay a small registration fee, do lots of fundraising and we cover the cost of your event place! ** As we are an official Charity Partner – you get  25% off the standard reg fee below **

  • 100km: Reg fee £40 £30 / fundraising target £575
  • 72km: Reg fee: £35 £26.25 / fundraising target £450
  • 50km: Reg fee £30 £22.50 / fundraising target £360
  • 25km/30km: Reg fee £20 £15 / fundraising target £240
  • 10 mile: Reg fee £10 £7.50 / fundraising target £100

Mixed Funding – pay half of the event place cost yourself, fundraise a bit less and we pay the balance of the event place cost.

  • 100km: Reg fee £100 / fundraising target £300
  • 72km: Reg fee £90 / fundraising target £270
  • 50km: Reg fee £75 / fundraising target £225
  • 25km: Reg fee £50 / fundraising target £150
  • 10 miles: Reg fee £22.50/ fundraising target £70

Self Fund – you pay the full cost of the event place – fundraise whatever you want, with no set target or deadline, and there’s no cost at all to the charity!

  • 100km: £198
  • 72km: £169
  • 50km: £139
  • 25/30km: £89
  • 10 miles: £39
Event details
  • Chale, Isle of Wight

4/5 May 2024