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Saturday 18 September 2021

Swim Serpentine 2021

  • 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Hyde Park

What is Swim Serpentine?

Swim Serpentine is the newest event created and organised by London Marathon Events Ltd. Swim Serpentine 2021 will be the event’s third year and it’s fast becoming London’s premier open water swimming event.  There are no currents to worry about as you’ll be swimming around the Serpentine lake in Hyde Park. Complete two laps of this open air course to conquer this challenge.

The London Classics’ medal

Have you already run the London Marathon, and cycled the Ride London 100? Completing the Swim Serpentine 2021 will allow you to claim a London Classic’s Medal. Join the elite club of people who have run, cycled and swum the capital’s most famous mass participation events.  The three events can be completed in any order, and in any time period. Once you have your medal, you’ll also be listed in the London Classics Hall of Fame.

What makes this the event for me?

Swimming is a low impact sport, as it is non weight bearing. This is good news, as you are less likely to pick up an injury compared to other sports. However, you should not enter your first open water event without having swum outdoors previously. Start off gradually and build up the distance.

The two-mile swim will cover a challenging two full (1.6km) laps of the Serpentine. You should aim to swim at least twice a week or more and one of these swims should be outdoors where possible.

To train for an open water swim, you need to consider two aspects of the event:

  • Being swim fit: the easiest way to become swim fit is to regularly use a swimming pool or lido, where you can practise your technique and enhance your fitness.
  • Being acclimatised to swimming outdoors: you should be comfortable swimming in all conditions and be mindful that there will be other swimmers in close proximity to you.
Event details
  • Hyde Park,
    SW7 1SE,
    United Kingdom