30 Day Fitness Challenge

Looking for a fun fundraiser that can be completed on your own or as a team? Try our 30 Day Fitness Challenge to boost your energy and raise money for a great cause.

Each of the 30 days has its own fitness challenge to complete. Be warned they get harder as the days go on. If you really want to push yourself you can try the intermediate or extreme versions of the challenge.

Challenge yourself and others!

Attempt each day’s exercise on your own or with friends  (why not challenge the rest of your office?) or make a donation to Shooting Star Children’s Hospices for any day you can’t face!

If you manage to complete all 30 days then why not make a celebratory donation, and let us know by sharing a photo with us on social media. If you do manage to complete the challenge then consider using your super fitness powers for good and take part in one of our Challenge Events.

You can download the Fitness Challenge calendar here.

Challenge levels

There are three levels of challenge you can pick, based on your confidence and level of fitness at the start. Remember don’t attempt anything you don’t feel you can realistically achieve!

  • Beginners: Complete the daily challenges as presented, 1 per day.
  • Intermediates: Complete the daily challenges, PLUS the day before!
  • Extreme competitors: Complete the daily challenges, PLUS all others you have previously completed! (Not for the faint-hearted)

Remember you should have a good general level of health to complete this challenge, and be sure to seek expert advice if you are unsure how to do any of the moves correctly.