Funeral donations in memory

Thank you so much for thinking of supporting Shooting Star Children’s Hospices at such a difficult time.

Giving in memory is a special way to remember the life of someone so important to you. We understand the meaning these gifts have and are so grateful.

These gifts are profoundly important; by giving in memory you are not only remembering your loved one but also helping to support families through the toughest times.

Set up an online fund to take funeral donations

One way to remember their life is to set up an online fund to take funeral donations, which family and friends can donate to at any point. The online fund will stay up as a reminder of that person.

You can set up an online funeral fund, or search for an existing one.

It only takes a few moments to create. Please tell us:


Search for an existing tribute fund


Make a single donation or set up a regular gift in memory

You can make a single donation in memory of your loved one at any time, whether it be to commemorate a birthday, anniversary or just in remembrance of a loved one, or you can set up a regular gift.

Making a regular gift in memory of a loved one can often bring comfort to some people knowing that each month their remembrance gift is making a real positive difference and also helps to grow their tribute fund.

Some supporters opt to make a regular gift as they can decide what level best suits their life. You can choose how much you’d like to donate, how regularly and it will happen automatically until you decide otherwise.

Your donations make a real difference to the families we support. For example £5 could pay for materials for hand and foot castings to provide families with special keepsakes, £20 could pay for memory boxes to help children and their families capture precious memories of £100 could pay for a bereaved parents’ group facilitated by bereavement counsellors.

If you would like to make a single donation or set up a regular gift in memory, you can donate securely through our website.

Order donation envelopes for funerals

Another way to remember the life of your loved one is to ask family and friends to make a donation at their funeral or memorial service. Our envelopes can be personalised so they include the name of your relative or friend.

To order, please fill out the form below: