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Anais in a space suit in our sensory room

Shooting Star Space Race

Join us in Spring 2023 for our third annual Space Race! After running out of fuel on the way back from Mars last year, we need you to help our rocket get home by powering it up with stars! Either join one of our out-of-this-world events, or come up with your own space-tacular way of creating stars and raising vital funds to support children with life-limiting conditions, and their families. To take part simply click below to set up your JustGiving page and join our campaign, then pick your activities. Choose from our accessible Painshill Planet Walk, Walk the Moon at the O2, or come up with your own star themed challenge.
Set up your page

Choose your mission…

Family looking out from the top of the 02 arena at sunset

Walk the Moon at the O2

The closest thing to walking on the Moon: Climb over the O2 at an enjoying spectacular twilight views of London!

Child doing a star jump

1,000 Star Jumps

Can you complete 1,000 Star Jumps over March? How about running a Star Shaped route round your home? Or bake up some star-shaped goodies.

Zoe and her parents

Who you'll be helping

“I’m in no way exaggerating when I say they literally saved my life. My GP was so close to sectioning me, but she spoke to the team at Shooting Star Children’s Hospices who said they could help us. We lived at the hospice for three months whilst I recovered and they campaigned for a care package for us so we could go home. They built my confidence to care for Zoë as well as be her mum.”

A galaxy of ideas…

1,000 Star Jumps

From 1 small step to 1,000 big jumps! Download our handy tracker to log your progress.

Star Shaped Strolls

Map out a star shaped run or walk in your local area, or a favourite place, and share them with our Strava group.

Big Bang Bake Sale

Bake up some star-shaped buscuits for a bake sale or coffee morning. You could even include your favourite space themed chocolate bars into your creation if you’re feeling extra indulgent.

Quiz in Space!

See if your friends know their comets from their quasars, or the difference between Goose and Jonesy, by holding a space and sci-fi themed quiz.

Fundraising tips

Tell your story

Share with people why you are taking part in the Shooting Star Space Race, what challenge you are taking on and why you have chosen to support Shooting Star Children’s Hospices.

Upgrade your JustGiving page

Improve your page using our handy guide then share it far and wide. If you use your phone it’s really easy to share it to Facebook and beyond.

Boost your sponsorship

Why not launch your fundraising by sponsoring yourself? Research shows that the earlier you receive your first donation, the more you will go on to raise.

Shout about it

Post photos and videos to show you’re taking on a challenge. Don’t forget to include your JustGiving link!  If you are hosting an event, why not download our editable Space Race poster to help?

Keep in touch with mission control

Give us a shout on social – use #TeamShootingStar and tag us! We are @SSChospices on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.

Celebrate your milestones

These could be related to your fundraising or mileage completed. You’ll automatically earn badges on your page for fundraising, so it’s even easier to show off your success to others and encourage further support.

Small steps

It can be hard to ask for sponsorship, but small amounts can make a big difference.  Give something up for a week like your daily take-away coffee (£4) and encourage others to do the same and donate the money that would’ve been spent.

Good Luck!

Whatever you do to raise money, you’re making a huge difference to children living with life-limiting conditions, and their families. Thank you and good luck!