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Space Race: Mission two complete!

March 14, 2023

Last weekend, it was less one small step, more like many steady strides, as our Walk the Moon participants took on our second Space Race mission in the series to successfully walk over the 02 Arena at twilight.

After running out of fuel our rocket has been stranded in space, and in order to return home we’ve needed our supporters to help us power back to Earth. For this year’s Shooting Star Space Race, we had set several out of this world missions, with the first, a family fun walk around a planet trail at Painshill Park, Cobham.

Our second mission asked our cosmic cadets to gather at the 02 Arena ready to climb. The event was surprisingly challenging with a 30-degree incline and decline for a short section on either side of the iconic structure. Luckily, with their trusty guide, they were all kept extremely safe and powered through, with everyone in agreement that it was huge achievement arriving on the viewing platform to take in the London skyline at night.

One participant said, “It was super beautiful being up high seeing all the city lights. It was also the same night as the country music festival ‘Country to Country’ at the O2 Arena, so we were treated to some tunes as we did the incline.”

We had 12 triumphant climbers, who all received a well-deserved medal once they come back to Earth. Some from Palladian Publications who fed back, “loved the challenge and team building”. Another adding, “It was a really fun experience – and incredible being able to see views of London at night, it looked so pretty!”. The Palladian team turned it into a work evening out by following the challenge with a celebratory pizza.

A wonderful £4000 and counting has been raised for the Shooting Star Space Race so far and you can still help us on our space mission by taking part in your own space themed challenge. You can run, walk, or cycle star-shaped Strava routes, star jump your way through the rest of March or take on a star themed bake to earn your superstar status with an at-home challenge. Whatever challenge you chose, you’ll be helping to ensure we can continue to provide a lifeline to local families.