Shooting Star Space Race

  • This event has passed.

Date: Monday 1st March 2021 - Wednesday 31st March 2021

Where: Anywhere,

Distance: As many miles as you can throughout March

Registration fee: £0

Minimum sponsorship: No minimum sponsorship


Your mission is simple: join the Shooting Star Space Race team and walk, run or cycle as many miles as you can in March to help our virtual rocket complete its journey to the moon.

It’s an astronomical 238,855 miles to the moon, but using our special formula (one Earth mile = 50 space miles) our Space Race team of fundraisers, need to collectively cover 4,777 miles in 31 days to make our mission to the moon a success.

MISSION CONTROL UPDATE: Having touched down on the moon way ahead of schedule, we have been given a new mission – to orbit the moon as many times as possible before boarding our rocket and returning home. To orbit the moon once and return home gives us a new mileage target of 16,337… if we can reach the moon in a week, we can definitely travel a further 11,560 by 31st March. Good luck fellow Space Racers!

How it works

Sign up to our moon mission

  • Simply click the sign up button and you’ll be taken to mission control. From here you can sign up by creating a JustGiving page and linking your Strava so we can track those miles (if you don’t have Strava you can use our downloadable Mileage Tracker and log your miles each week)

Ask friends and family to sponsor you

  • We have some helpful tips on how to make your fundraising rocket – take a look at the ‘Fundraising’ tab on mission control.

Get started on your Earth miles

  • From 1st March walk, run, cycle or scoot as many miles as you can to help us complete our moon mission. For those who want a target to aim for, we think a great challenge for cyclists is 300 miles throughout March and for runners or walkers 30 miles throughout March.

The inspiration

Last year, during the coronavirus pandemic, Nicholas stayed with us for emergency respite. During his stays at our hospice, we helped Nicholas to build and launch his very own space rocket, which became the inspiration for the Shooting Star Space Race – find out more about Nicholas and watch a video of the rocket he made on mission control.

By joining our Space Race team, you’ll be helping to ensure we can continue to make every moment count for children just like Nicholas; now and for many lightyears.

Astronauts, prepare for blast-off.