Medical advances and improved care has resulted in many young people with life-limiting conditions surviving into adulthood. This means that Shooting Star Children’s Hospices have been part of the lives of some families for many years, providing support and care as they grow to become young adults. We understand the importance of marking very special milestones – like Abigail’s, who recently turned 21-years-old.

Christine, our Transition Coordinator at Shooting Star Children’s Hospices says, “Abigail has just had her 21st birthday – a milestone for any young lady, and while she and her family have fought against the odds, Shooting Star Children’s Hospices has been there to support them. We have supported Abigail and her family since 2007, and Abigail has been very much part of our family.”

Abigail has intractable epilepsy, a form of seizures that are very difficult to manage with medications and required an operation to remove part of the left side of her brain. She is reliant on a wheelchair and requires 24/7 care.

“Despite her complex condition, with the devotion of the family and support of over 30 professionals and services Abigail is a fighter. She loves music with attitude, and although not able to verbalise, make no mistake she will tell you her preference! Closed eyes and facing the other direction is clearly a communication of ‘no thank you!’. Abigail loves using our pool for hydrotherapy, as well as music and rebound therapy, and is a popular student at her school Rutherford. While most of her food and fluids are via a tube in her tummy this doesn’t stop tasters of her favourite food or drink.

“Shooting Star Children’s Hospices provide a lifeline to families, when a child is diagnosed with a life-limiting condition this affects the whole family, committing parents to life-time care, and it changes your expectations of your child. But with our support and specialist services, people’s lives like Abigail’s can be enriched.

“As the photos from her birthday celebrations at the hospice show, Abigail is just like every other young lady – dressed to impress at her birthday party and out to enjoy her time with friends there.”

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