Gifts in celebration

Giving a gift in celebration is the perfect way to make your celebration extra special. Whatever the occasion – birthday, wedding, anniversary or even baptism, graduation or retirement – celebrate it with friends and, instead of receiving gifts, ask for donations to Shooting Star Children’s Hospices.

Your celebration can make a meaningful difference

It’s easy to do:

  • Set up a donation page online to share with your friends and family and ask for donation for Shooting Star Children’s Hospices in lieu of gifts. If you use Facebook you can easily set up a Facebook fundraiser to support us – all donations made through Facebook go straight to us, with no commission.
  • Request some small Shooting Star Children’s Hospices gift envelopes for your guests to make their own donations at their discretion.
  • Request a Shooting Star Children’s Hospices collection can to put your donations in.
  • Buy a moment. From treasured time in the sensory room to a family session in the hydrotherapy pool we have special moments you can buy to provide invaluable support to the families we care for. See more gifts and buy online.

Special occasion favours

Would you like to support Shooting Star Children’s Hospices on your special day? Perfect for use as wedding favours, for birthdays or for other special occasions, each card features one of our Friendlie mascot pin badges, plus information about what the charity does.

Get in touch with our Community Team at for more information.