A splash session in the hydrotherapy pool


When a child has a life-limiting condition, there are many things they are told they can’t do. Your gift can help them discover they can.

Some families are told it’s not safe to take their child swimming, while others find public pools a difficult environment. Our hydrotherapy pools are a safe space for families to create special memories. For some it’s the first time they’ve been able to take their child swimming. Hydrotherapy also provides physical benefits such as helping muscle tone and strength, enabling mobility not possible out of water.



Our virtual gifts give you a more personalised way to support us, by funding one of the services that the children and families we support use to create special memories.

When you buy a virtual gift we will post you a certificate and a letter to confirm the difference you have made. Display this proudly to remind yourself how amazing you are or pass it on if you’re buying this gift for someone else.

The price of each gift reflects the estimated average cost to us to provide this service to a family – no fees are ever charged to families to use our services.