Bereavement support

We have a dedicated area at our Guildford hospice where a child can lay at rest, allowing their family to say goodbye in a familiar and supportive environment. Care does not stop after a child has died. We will continue to provide practical and emotional support for the entire family.

Grief is very individual and every bereaved parent, brother and sister will experience a range of thoughts and feelings at different times.  That’s why we offer many different opportunities for support for up to three years after a child dies.

Each family’s dedicated member of the care team makes regular contact with the bereaved family, offering both telephone support, advice and opportunities to visit the hospices.

Our Bereavement information sheets can be shared to help answer questions and support families with some of the challenges that may arise for them.

If a bereaved parent or sibling requires more in-depth support then one of our therapists or counsellors can provide time and space to talk about and explore difficult feelings.  This maybe counselling sessions for adults, or creative therapy sessions for children.

Bereavement support groups can help family members find a way forward.  We have groups that are virtual, in person and a private support group on Facebook.

We have a Memory Garden at each hospice, with a Memory Tree holding stars and leaves engraved with the names of children who have died.  There is an annual Memory Day for families to remember their children together.  This includes a service of songs, poems and stories and the creation of a keepsake memory craft.  On Memory Day, families can visit their child’s star or leaf on the Memory Tree.