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Complementary Therapies

Supported children, siblings and parents can benefit from complementary therapies at Shooting Star Children’s Hospices. Contact Family Support to request an assessment for yourself or a family member.

Currently in-person appointments are available at Shooting Star House on Mondays. We will let you know when appointments are also available at Christopher’s. Aromatherapy massage is used to help with deep muscle relaxation, and with emotional and physical symptoms you are experiencing. Complementary therapies take a holistic approach to supporting your wellbeing.

Virtual consultations are available to families, so that our Complementary Therapist can assess your needs and support you with a tailored blend of oils placed on an Aroma Stick and delivered by post to your home, and a programme of exercises for you to follow. This can assist with a range of concerns such as anxiety, stress, panic attacks, sleep difficulties or headache.

For more information or to request this support, please contact Family Support

Telephone – 01483 230 974
Email –

Read more about our virtual therapies

Virtual therapies