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Emotional support for children and young people

Our team of experienced and fully qualified children’s psychological therapists can offer support direct to your child or a sibling through a series of sessions, or help guide you in supporting them. Face-to-face sessions can be accessed at both Christopher’s and Shooting Star House, where appropriate it is possible to offer sessions virtually.

Advice and support can be sought by parents wanting to learn how best to explain things to their child, for example the progression of their condition, or the expected death of a sibling. Parents can speak with a therapist at any time to talk about their child or a sibling, to work together to ensure their emotional needs are being met at home and at school.

Sessions are confidential so a child feels safe to share challenging and potentially harmful feelings they might be struggling with. This is carried out with frequent opportunities to work closely with parents and close collaboration with schools and professionals involved.

For more information or to request this support, please contact Family Support

Telephone – 01483 230 974
Email –

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