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Fireworks night excitement

November 9, 2020

We made sure the 5th of November was a night to remember for the children currently staying at our hospice with lots of firework and autumnal fun!

The children and care team got wrapped up to enjoy lots of activities in the courtyard and garden to celebrate the sparkliest night of the year.

For many of the children who are supported by us, different sensory ways to communicate, play and be creative are very important – helping them to interact and enjoy the world around them. The evening was specially created by our care team to give the children the opportunity to have fun, play, relax and be stimulated.

Under the clear starry night sky, the team set up a wonderfully warm fire pit for everyone to gather around and enjoy some delicious treats.

The special bonfire night dinner of burger and chips provided the perfect comfort food, followed by a traditional fire pit pudding of homemade s’mores.

The children thoroughly enjoyed toasting the marshmallows – making sure they got the perfect squidgy consistency without it dropping off the stick!

No fireworks night would be complete without a sparkler or two – with children able to safety hold them using a carrot as a holder.

And sparklers weren’t the only things the children could hold and wave with glow sticks galore and special sensory flashing lights.

To end the evening, everyone ventured out to the back garden to enjoy a super firework display which lit up the sky above the hospice. With bright colours, bangs and fizzes, the garden was filled with ‘ooo’ss’, ‘aaahhs’ and lots of smiling faces!

A huge thank you must go to who gave us a big discount – allowing us to have this wonderful display for the children to enjoy!

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